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How to Write Something That Can Engage Your Readers

November 17, 2015 - Posted to How to: Essay writing tips

Content how to write something that can engage your readers

How to Write Something That Can Engage Your Readers

A great writer knows how to grab the reader's attention, and then keeps their attention with writing that flows naturally. For some, this seems to be a natural talent. For others, writing in a way that keeps readers engaged is a challenge, and it is something that they must work hard to achieve. Fortunately, with practice and by following a few tips, anybody can become the kind of writer who produces the content that audiences love to read.

  1. Simple is Almost Always Better

It is usually easy to pick out the work of a novice writer. They tend to write long sentences and use big words. New writers also tend to use too many supporting arguments to make their points. The result is prose that seems to go on and on and on. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for writers to see these things as they are writing. This is why fledgling writers should be vigilant when it comes to editing their own work.

  1. Fact Checking is Key

The quickest way to lose the attention of a reader is to write something that they know is false. This is why researching and fact checking are so important. One unintentional falsehood can lead to a reader clicking away from an article immediately. It won't matter if everything else about the post is on the mark. Fortunately, there are many websites where facts can be verified. Better yet, writers can be careful to do their research using unbiased websites that link to studies and data.

  1. Vary Sentence Lengths

Too many short sentences, one right after the other, make writing seem choppy and disjointed. Too many long sentences result in writing that is tedious to read. Mixing up sentence lengths adds a lot of readability to a piece of writing. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Short sentences are great for declarative statements
  • Singular facts are best delivered via short sentences
  • Long sentences can develop a sense of suspense
  • Long sentences are perfect for describing people, places, and things
  1. Don't Emulate Other Writers

New writers have to find their own voice. Unfortunately, there is not trick for making this happen. It is just something that naturally develops over time. The only thing writers can do to help in this process is to write as much as they possibly can, as often as they possibly can. Until a writer does develop their own writing voice, they can make their writing as engaging as possible by writing in a thoughtful manner, paying attention to accuracy, and being vigilant about spelling and grammar mistakes.

  1. Never Publish Without Reading Aloud.

Listening to a piece of writing is the single, best way to determine whether or not it flows naturally. If a  post or article “reads” in a way that seems rambling and long winded, or simply sounds awkward when it is read aloud, it is probably time to do a bit of revising

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