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Become a young millionaire with the right goal setting

April 11, 2016 - Posted to Study

Content become a young millionaire with the right goal setting

When I Grow Up, I’m Going to Be Rich

Remember saying that? How young are you now? Have you started making strides to fulfill that childhood statement that you made on the front lawn with your friends on those hot summer days? Well don’t fret, there is still time to accomplish that millionaire status if you follow some of these tested suggestions.


Focus is such a small word, but it is the biggest problem many of us have when it comes to the planning process that is needed to gain a better future for ourselves. The world we live in today is filled with so many visual distractions, that we easily lose our focus on what is important.

Video games, friends phone calls, television, are all aimless activities that keep you from focusing on our goals. Turn them off. Go ahead, you can do it.

On a piece of paper, write down ten things that you do in a day that do not make you money. Eliminate all of them except study, because whether you know it or not studying something will make you money.


Are you saving money? No? Then start today. Do not save money in a jar under your bed. Open a savings account, and have your money direct deposited into that account from your job. You don’t have a job. Then get one.

Create a savings goal of $50-100 dollars a month. (you spend that much on coffee on the run, and dollar apps) A large coffee from your favorite place can cost up to eighty dollars a month x twelve months that is nine-hundred and sixty dollars. WOW! And what about lunch? Pack it!

The best attitude about getting a job is to say to yourself, a check, is a check, is a check. Flip burgers until you get your big break. You have a hobby? Use it to make money. Plan on how you are going to use your computer to create a job for yourself. If you have a car, offer rides to your neighbors that don’t have one for a fee, cut grass, did I say flip burgers?

Work every single day, even if you are in school, get a job. Save! This is the only way that money will build up. If you save it in a jar under your bed, I can guarantee that you will spend it on and off. A little here a little there and poof, it’s gone. Millionaires are known to say that they never take a day off.

Shop Thrifty

Vow to yourself that you will not buy another 100.00 pair of shoes until you are a millionaire. I know that it is trendy to have the latest styles, but you can get many nice styles at consignment shops. Go to the ones located near wealthy neighborhoods, this is where the rich consign their things, you will find bargains to blow your mind. After you strike it rich, you may still shop in these types of stores. Some things still have price tags on them.

Be Early, Never Late

Not only is being late embarrassing, it is unappealing to a boss that is looking for someone to move up into a managerial position.

If you find that you are constantly running out of the house with a piece of toast floating out of your mouth and your shoe half on so you can catch the 7:10 train, then it is time to consider some time management skills. Go to bed early. Turn off that television/computer/phone, and get some sleep. Lay your clothing out the night before and shower. Put your alarm clock across the room on the dresser so that you will have to get up to get it. Do not answer your phone in the middle of the night for any reason besides family emergencies. Always be 15 minutes ahead of time. Make it a practice and you will love how it makes you feel.

Your Resume

Update your resume. It is possible that you have done more than you think you have done in the past couple of years since you last worked on it.

Are you volunteering? Volunteering for local charitable organizations is an excellent source of networking. Those that you help will be grateful to you and put your name in place that are hiring for good paying jobs.


In this age of high tech information, there are always groups forming to collaborate on projects that take more than one mind to bring them completion. Find some in your area, look into young millionaire type groups, here you will find others with the same mind set as you. No man is an island.

Do It!

I know that this didn’t tell you how to make the money, but what it is telling you to do is to get off your bum and begin to take steps that will get you into the money making spirit. So shake out your jeans, comb your hair to the side, spruce up your shoes and get out there and become that millionaire you said you would be.

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