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Help Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

How was this company started and how long have you been in business?

EssayWriting.education was begun several years ago by two college graduates who realized that existing online writing companies were not very good and that they could do a better job of getting original custom writing products to students, if they could find the writing staff that was qualified. They began offering writing to high school students and, as they were able to add graduate-degreed writers, expanded to the college and grad school levels. More recently, they have added business, professional, and copywriting to their offerings.

What types of writing products do you produce?

The largest part of our business comes from students, although with our business, professional and copywriting staff, we have expanded our product line. Today our products include all of the following:

  • Essays, term papers, research papers – all topics; all academic levels
  • Research projects, lab reports, case studies, presentation
  • Research proposals and summaries, abstracts, annotated bibliographies
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Book and Movie Reviews, response and analytical essays, articles, article critiques
  • Homework assignments and tests
  • Admissions and scholarship essays
  • Re-writing, editing, proofreading
  • Resumes, CV’s, cover letters
  • Grant writing
  • Business Proposals and plans
  • Website review; product review
  • Web Design and Content
  • Copywriting, blogging, article writing
  • Content marketing, social media profiles

How We Conduct Business

How do I order writing from you?

We have an order form on our site or you may just contact customer service for any help you need. We are open around the clock.

Do I have to fill in all of the fields on the form?

Yes, we really need all of the information requested on that form so that we can assign the best writer for the job. Plus, if your writer doesn’t have enough information s/he will have to contact you to get is, and that could delay completion. If you have information to provide and there is not an appropriate field on the form, please call customer service and provide it. We need all that you have!

What should I do if I need to add more information after I have already submitted the order?

Contact us ASAP, if you have any changes or additions. If you already have your account portal, you can give those changes directly to your writer through your messaging system.

What should I do if I have to cancel an order?

Just contact us – phone, email, or chat.  If it has not been sent over to a writer yet, you’ll receive a full refund. If a writer has begun, you’ll receive a partial refund. You can also apply that refund to your account for a future order.

What if I want changes to what is delivered?

You just ask for them. You can ask your writer directly or contact customer service. Revisions are free if they do not change your original order. If the changes do represent a change from your original order, then we will have to charge a fee. We have a Revision policy which explains this in full.

How do I make payment or my order?

You pay just as you would if you were paying for an order from Amazon. We take all standard payment methods.

How do I get my paper once it is finished?

We upload all finished products to the customer’s account portal, where it can be opened and reviewed. We do notify you by email that it has been placed there. You simply get into your account, open it up and review it. If you approve, then you download it to your device. If you want changes, you request them

Security and Privacy

How do you protect my identity?

We must have some personal information from you – full name, email address and phone number. This is only used if we must get in touch with you. It is encrypted and fire-wall protected. In addition, we guarantee that no customer information is ever sold, distributed, or traded. We have never had an issue of an identity breach.

You also have to provide financial information as you make payment. This, too, is encrypted, and is handled by a third-party process with an SSL certification. Because we use the same processor as most large online retailers, your information is just as safe.

Do I have to tell anyone that I am using your service, like my teacher?

No, you do not. And we won’t tell either!

Is this a confidential service?

Yes, we don’t share any customer information.

If I get products from you, who owns them?

You do, completely. WE don’t hold on to any product we produce for a customer. It will never be sold or deliver to anyone else, because we do not have it anymore


I am worried about plagiarism. My instructor scans stuff all the time. Has a paper I purchase from you been used before?

No, Never! Every piece of writing we produce s unique and original. You get it, and we dump it from our system.

Is it plagiarism for me to purchase writing from you?

No. It is not. You are purchasing a product, it now belongs to you. You have not used anyone else’s work without their permission. How can you “steal” your own writing?

What is I am accused of plagiarism?

We use TurnItIn to scan all of our writing before it goes out our doors to customers. So, we have never had an incident of plagiarism. If you think your paper has contains plagiarism, please upload it along with your own scan report showing this.

EssayWriting.education Staff

What are the qualifications of your writers?

All have degrees which we verify when they apply to work for us. Then, they take an English test, as well as a test in their content fields. After that, we require that they produce and original piece of writing on a topic we give them. These pros have Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D.’s from reputable institutions, and are absolutely exceptional writers.

I have used services before, and the writers were obviously foreigners. Where do your writers come from?

All of our writers are native English-speaking, from English-speaking universities.

Can I talk directly with my writer?

Yes, we have a messaging system set up for that purpose. Actually, we encourage such conversation because it helps to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

What is your quality control department?

Before we send any product to a customer, it has to be reviewed by this department. We make sure that the quality of writing meets our standards, that resources have been used and documented correctly, that your specifications have been followed, and that there are no instances of plagiarism. Once t clears all of this, it is delivered.

What does customer service do?

These people handle questions, issues, or problems of customers. The department itself is open 24/7, so that people in any time zone can connect with us by phone, chat or email.

Business/e-Commerce writing Products

Can you write and publish content on my WordPress?

Yes, so long as you provide the access

Do you provide content marketing products?

Yes, we have a full department dedicated to all copywriting services, including content marketing. These are all recent grads who are up on the latest technologies, strategies, and SEO practices.

What kinds of writing can business professionals order?

We produce plans and proposals, reports and presentations, press releases and articles, white papers, manuals, and guides – just about anything.

Student Services

Can I get any format I want?

Yes, all of our writers are well-versed in all formats.

Can you handle really tight deadlines?

Yes, we do all the time.

Can you really help me with my dissertation?

Yes. We have Ph.D.’s in all disciplines to provide consultation, research, and writing for theses and dissertations.

Career Writing Services

If I have several different companies, can you write different versions of my resume for each one?

Yes, we research the companies and gear each resume for their goals, keywords, and “cultures.”

Do you have experience producing CV’s?

Yes, and we have writers specifically qualified to prepare these

Can you design and write cover letters for each company and position?

Yes, that is exactly what we recommend. As with resumes, we research the organization and draft a letter that is specifically suited to it.

Safe icon

The information you provide us does not spread further then our security department. There is no need to worry that your personal data is to appear somewhere due to our service. Please see all the details at our Terms of Use page.

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