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Admission Services

What does the Admissions Services Team do?

Admissions services is a team of writers at EssayWriting.education that specifically works on writing assignments related to getting students into college and graduate programs, and to helping them win scholarship funds.  Here are the specific services that we offer to our student clients:

  • Writing admissions essays for students
  • Writing scholarship essays for students
  • Writing personal statements for potential graduate students

Professional Admissions Essays

In most cases, when students apply to a college, they are asked to submit an essay along with their application. This essay should not be treated as an afterthought. The people in the admissions department do read the essays, and they take what students have to say in their essays under serious consideration when making acceptance decisions. Fortunately, this is not something students have to do alone. We will work with them to determine their talents, goals, achievements, etc. We will then help them select or create an essay topic that will highlight the best parts of their character. Then, one of our professional writers will complete their application essay. When it is finished, the student can submit it to their dream school with confidence.

Expert Scholarship Essay Writing Assistance

We are honored that we have been able to help so many deserving young men and women obtain scholarship funds that have helped them offset some major college expenses. It really feels good when a dedicated student takes the time to find scholarships to save themselves and their family money, and we are able to help them win that money with our writing services. There are many scholarship funds that go unclaimed each year, we are happy to help students earn that money. We are able to do this by offering writing assistance for students applying for competitive scholarships that require an essay as part of the application. When students place an order with us, one of our professional essayists goes over the requirements of the scholarship organization, and then rights an essay that meets those requirements.

Personal Statements – Professionally Written

When a student applies to graduate school programs, they are expected to write a personal statement. These statements discuss the student’s qualifications, how they can be an asset to the program, and why they are interested in that particular graduate program. EssayWriting.education helps students with these statements so that they can be certain that their personal statements will be exactly what the admissions committee wants to see.

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