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Dissertation Services

Dissertation Services

Ph.D. candidates do not have a lot of options when they want help with their dissertations. Their peers are all too busy; their advisors are happy to provide advice but little more; and professors have the notion that the work should be completed “solo” or somehow it is now worthy of approval.

Another option, of course, are online writing services but most do not have Ph.D.’s on staff – most, that is. EssayWriting.education is one of only a tiny percentage of services that does employ Ph.D.’s as consultants to grad students working on their theses and dissertations.

Whatever You Need

You may request as little or as much assistance as you need – research for your literature review, help with your methods design and instruments, analysis of your data, and any amount of writing you wish.

Our Process

Because of the nature of the work, completing our order form will really not work. We ask that our graduate students with major projects contact our customer service department by phone or chat, so that we discuss their needs very specifically. Once we know exactly what you want, we will then:

  1. Contact a Ph.D. field specialist in the topic area of your dissertation
  2. Put you in touch with that individual so that you may discuss exactly how you two plan to collaborate and proceed
  3. We will establish pricing based upon the work that will actually be performed, and are happy to arrange progressive payment as segments of work are authorized by you.

Our model for provision of dissertation services is solid and always successful. Contact us today, and we’ll have your consultant ready to go!

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