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The Benefits Of Learning Online

June 10, 2016 - Posted to Study

Content the benefits of learning online

Finding courses online has never been easier. There are a plethora of online courses for everything from languages, through to photography, philosophy, and even courses on ancient Japanese poetry. The sheer range of courses available is one of the major advantages of studying online. You need not be tied to one particular course, and if you find that a course that you are signed up to is no longer cutting it; that it is too basic, that it is not what you thought, or whatever, you can simply stop it and find another that will fit the bill.

One of the most popular aspects of online learning is that of languages, and we shall use that as an example of the type of course available here, and the benefit of learning in this way. This example can be extended to most other types of course, and we use it solely because it is probably the most familiar to students enrolling in such a program.

The first major advantage is, of course, the convenience of it. Where you might have had to travel to a language class in a nearby town or city, with one click of a mouse you can be enveloped in your course without having ever left your room. This is a huge saving in both time and money, and this makes it a very efficient method of learning. The time spent in traveling to and from classes can be used to study, and the money saved on fuel, or traveling costs, will go a long way towards paying for the course .

With the advent of Skype, Facetime, and other video conferencing applications, it is easy to have one-to-one sessions with a tutor or teacher. This can be a double-edged sword though, because unlike real life classes, it is less easy to skip out of such lessons because your presence on the web, (be it on Facebook or some other site) will be apparent, should somebody care to look.

Another important consideration when learning languages and Skyping is that all the time differences between various countries. what might seem a reasonable hour of the day to arrange a lesson to your professor might end up being 3 o'clock in the morning to you. make sure that you are aware of the time zones and public holidays in the country that you are dealing with to avoid such issues.

A big advantage in learning online is the ability to partake in interactive quizzes and examinations. In these the student simply answers questions which are usually in multiple-choice format, and the program will mark your score and even give you the corrected version of the answer. No waiting for papers to be marked or posted to you. This will enable you to practice and revise, and usually afford you the opportunity to retake the test again.

From a language point of view, the interactivity of the computer is a major bonus when studying. One of the drawbacks of learning any foreign language, (indeed, sometimes your own!) is the pronunciation of words. This has tripped up many a student over the years. With an interactive learning module, a headset, and a microphone, it is possible, (with some programs) to have your pronunciation and speech repeated and corrected by a voice analyzing algorithm. This will help you to become fluent for more quickly, without worrying about whether you are getting those difficult diphthongs, semivowels, and epentheses right!

As the technology advances, it is possible to complete such courses on more and more devices, to the point where it is entirely possible, for instance, to learn while traveling to work on the train or bus. It is also possible to hook up your Bluetooth connection to the car radio and work on your repetition and pronunciation while you drive.

By comparison with offline courses run by local associations and colleges and universities, the online courses which are available are extremely cost effective and relatively cheap to enroll on. There is a disadvantage, in that you are very much working alone, or just one-to-one with your teacher, but there are some courses that are held "webinar style," with a number of students taking part at the same time, rather like a classroom situation.

Picking a suitable course is also easy; as a tip, there are a number of websites such as Jabba, TrustPilot, Manta, and GlassDoor, on which former students and users of courses leave feedback and ratings as to how they thought their course panned out. The sites themselves often have testimonials from former pupils and these are in the form of write-ups or, increasingly, video summaries, of the observations and feelings of that student on the pros and cons of the course.

We, at Essay Writing Education, hope that you will have found this brief introduction to online learning useful.

We constantly strive to assist our students in any way we can, to achieve the best out of their  academic years. To find out more about how we can be of benefit, and help you to achieve those elusive grades - get in touch with us today - and we will act for you - online of course!

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