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Dissertation Chapter - Results

Dissertation Chapter – Results

This is where it all comes together, where you finally analyze all of your data, present that statistical analysis, and demonstrate its significance.

There are a few important considerations before you prepare this chapter.

  1. You must determine which statistical formulae to utilize
  2. You must be adept enough in statistical mathematics to know how to run your data through those formulae
  3. You must determine how best to graphically represent the results of your analyses.

If you are not a seasoned statistician, you should not prepare this chapter on your own, but you probably know that already.

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The Prose Portion

You know that you must also prepare a prose explanation of your results, and if you determine that you need assistance with that as well, we will match your project with the proper Ph.D. who can take the statistical analysis and create an extraordinary piece of prose to accompany it.

In the end you’ll have a perfect results chapter.

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