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Writing Product Reviews

Writing Product Reviews

If you Google a company, you will always find entries that say “Read Reviews” or “Write a Review.” These are sites that specifically exist for customers to provide feedback on products or services offered by a company, both online and brick and mortar. These are comments and reviews that are not solicited by the company – they are simply what people want to say.

Research shows that only 2% of a customer base will provide feedback or reviews, even when solicited, and that of that 2%, the majority will be negative. People just have a need to complain but tend not to have a need to praise. Think about the last several times you were in a restaurant. Did you have a lot of praise for the food or service? Probably not. But if a customer had a complaint, that was certainly voiced.

You Want Good Reviews and Comments

Of course you do! Because you need to counter any negative reviews that might be out there. They do not go away even if you respond to the customer and “make it right.” That customer is unlikely to then write a new review that praises you. So, you have to take measures into your own hands.

  1. You can certainly offer free products in exchange for positive reviews. That will work. But it is an ongoing process and costs money
  2. You can contract with a team of great copywriters such as those at EssayWriting.education. This is a far more efficient method of getting those good reviews you need.

Ordering Your Reviews

Just fill out an order form for reviews on our site. Give us your website URL and tell us which products/services you want us to review and how many reviews you would like. Here is what happens then:

  1. Our team of copywriters have a look at your site and the product or service to be reviewed.
  2. Members of the team rotate writing the reviews on a progressive schedule and place them on the review sites where other review of your products have been posted.

Very Easy – Very effective! Order your reviews today!

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