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Technical Lab Report

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It is almost impossible to graduate from college without taking a science class that includes a lab section. This means that you will at some point take a class in which you will be required to write at least one lab report. This is assuming that you are not majoring in a STEM field. If you are in a STEM field, you will take several courses where writing up lab reports will be a regular part of the curriculum. Lab reports are used in introductory science classes to ensure that students understand the lesson, are taking proper safety precautions, and that they are following the steps of the experiment correctly. Lab reports are used in advanced classes to insure scientific integrity, and to provide documented proof of the experiment so that it can be repeated in the future. A lab report will include the hypothesis, materials used, problems that came up, the results, and notations of any variances that may have impacted the experiment.

If you are in an advanced class, you should expect your lab reports to be quite complex. In many instances you will be producing lab reports on experiments that you have designed yourself. A well-written lab report communicates to your instructor that you are capable of leadership in the laboratory and classroom.

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