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Problems Research

Problem Research

Some people can handle not having an answer to a question or problem; others cannot. Those graduate level math students who engage in problem research will have to be the first kind of people, because problem research will explore solutions that in the end don’t work, and their entire contribution to their field will be to show what does not work.

Problem research for math students is much like a dissertation is for students in other fields. There is a research question. In this case it is a math problem that has not yet been solved by previous math researchers. Like a student preparing a literature review, the math problem researcher will review all of the previous work completed on this problem, and then set about designing new potential solutions, just as another dissertation student will design his/her research methodology. The possible solutions will be tested and then will be documented as those that will not work. All of this will then help future researchers as they attack the problem

When the Optional Solutions Don’t Come

The biggest problem for math researchers is in the design of optional solutions to test, because usually there will be a departmental requirement for more than one. If this is the problem you are having, you can get a consultant who can help you. That consultant can be found at EssayWriting.education, where Ph.D. mathematicians are on staff. They will no doubt be familiar with the problem and will be able to pose potential solution options for you to test.

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