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Press Release Writings

Press Release Writing

Press releases are pieces of writing that make important announcements to the public, whether that public is in physical form or online. Press releases are drafted by a journalist and then distributed to media outlets in the hopes that they will be published. The “world” of hard copy press releases is dwindling, as news outlets, both major and minor, follow readers from morning newspapers with their coffee to computer screens with their coffee.

Large companies have PR professionals who create their press release and distribute them. The small Internet entrepreneur cannot afford such a staff and so must rely on contracting out the press release activities to someone else, because attempting to create one without knowledge and expertise will always result in failure.

Components of Press Releases

All press releases have these common elements:

  1. They must be newsworthy. No media outlet is going to care if you have a new website or blog. It will care if you are launching a new product, if you are having a great sale, if you are opening up another location.
  2. It has to be Informational. This means that press releases that are created simply to market products and services will never get “picked up by a news outlet.
  3. The have to be Timely. They must be released in the morning of the middle of the week to reach a greater audience. If it is Internet based, then it should occur when the largest number of our potential customers are online.

Press releases must also have a headline that immediately grabs attention and makes readers curious, and it is always good to include quotes either from company staff or from satisfied customers.

Above all – do not write your own press releases!

EssayWriting.education Journalism Staff

We have a team of young, talented, and creative journalists who are ready to create a press release for you, and here is how you get one of them to write your press release.

  1. Fill out and submit the order form on our site. Give us all of the details of the newsworthy item
  2. We will send it over to our team of journalists for review.
  3. One of those journalists will get to work immediately on the release and will contact you directly if any more information or clarification is necessary.
  4. Your press release will be delivered to you for approval
  5. Once approved, we will ship it out to every available news source that we believe will want to pick up on this item.

When you have a journalist from EssayWriting.education for your press releases, you have the best!

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