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Math Optimization

Nothing is more frustrating for a student than to be enrolled in a required course and to discover that the expectations for higher math skills are much higher than they in fact are. This happens to students in computer science, economics, and business courses all the time, for example. They are not told about the mathematics-based assignments they will face in their coursework, and when those assignments hit, they are somewhat in shock. What’s worse, the professor just assumes they can do it all.

This is the case with math optimization projects – very complex tasks that can involve days of work and math algorithms which students do not understand at all. Of course, the concept is relatively easy to grasp: there is a problem; the task is to devise a number of mathematical solutions and then to come up with the single one that is the best. These types of problems are now popping up in coursework that never involved complex mathematics in the past, and, without the math background required, some students’ grade obviously suffer.

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