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Dissertation Chapter - Methodology

Dissertation Chapter – Methodology

You are now into the heart of our dissertation project – the chapter that explains exactly how you are going to research our question, that provides the instruments to be used, and that actually completes the implementation phase.

  1. It must be very clearly written and must include a full justification of your choice of both procedures and instruments.
  2. It must describe in detail the population(s) for the treatment and “prove” that these populations are appropriate for the study you are conducting.
  3. It must also include the data that you gathered as well as a clear presentation of the data in both prose and graphical form.

This is a complex chapter and will require a great deal of thought, organization, detail, and clarity. If the design methodology or the data presentation are not presented really well, then the reader will be a bit lost and, even more important, your advisor will tell you to re-write it.

Preventing a Re-Write

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