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Dissertation Chapter - Literature review

Dissertation Chapter – Literature Review

When you submitted your proposal for your dissertation, you had a section that briefly summarized some initial research that you had conducted relative to your research question. That was nothing compared to what you are facing in your literature review chapter. There are three aspects to producing this chapter successfully:

  1. Conducting the rather arduous task of pouring through the available literature related to your question and locating those pieces that relate specifically enough to be included.
  2. Reading all of the selected research and taking copious notes on it
  3. Organizing the notes you have taken into a piece of writing that is coherent, logical, and fluent in composition

Doctoral candidates complain about this chapter more than any other, of course, because they are anxious to get on with their actual research, and this chapter feels more like one large research paper, although it is organized a bit differently. For this reason, they often look for ways to lighten their work load while they move onto such things as developing their research instruments.

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