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Dissertation Chapter - Introduction Chapter

Dissertation Chapter – Introduction

If you have produced your dissertation correctly, the Introduction will be the last chapter you write. You now have completed all of your research, gather and analyzed the results, and discussed your conclusions. You know the outcome, but your reader does not. Your introduction should serve to whet the appetite of that reader to wish to pursue a full reading of your research.

Personal but Scholarly

The introduction is the only chapter in which you may insert some personal comment. You will state the research question you have pursued and its importance to your field, but you will also include some comment on why this particular question was important to you personally. The rest of the introduction will follow the same pattern as your initial proposal – you will provide a brief summary of your research design and methodology and speak very briefly to the population and instruments, as well as to what you intended to show as the result of your study. It should not, obviously, speak to the results or conclusions that you reached.

Short but Critical

Your introduction chapter will be the shortest of all your chapters. But it will also be the one that entices the reader to move forward. You cannot afford for it to lack the underlying enthusiasm with which you approached your research, and you want the reader to be enthusiastic too. Getting the correct balance between your personal attachment and the need to remain scholarly in approach can be a challenge, so it would be wise to obtain some professional help from a Ph.D. in your field – a Ph.D. who is available at EssayWriting.education.

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