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Perfect Dissertation

No one will ever tell you that your dissertation is “perfect.” That word is just no in the DNA of advisors and dissertation committees. But you can have one that is perfect in your eyes and that will be close enough to perfect in theirs, if you get professional help from the very beginning – help that comes from a Ph.D. in your field and that involves the same Ph.D. throughout the process of production.

Elements of the Perfect Dissertation are Pretty Direct

  1. A research question that has been developed after some initial research and that is both scholarly and has the potential to add important knowledge to your field.
  2. An introduction chapter that provides the reader with a clear understanding of the research question and that justifies both the question and the research methodology you have chosen.
  3. A literature review chapter that is a scholarly and comprehensive summary of all of the research to date that relates directly to your research
  4. A methods chapter that gives a clear picture of your research design, how you implemented that design, the instruments that you used, and the data that was gathered as a result.
  5. A chapter of results that presents a complete statistical analysis of the data, with perfect graphical and prose representations
  6. A discussion/conclusion chapter that answers the research question, justifies the significance of the research and calls upon others to pursue additional research that will add to your findings.

Consistent Help from the Same Consultant is Important

If you contact EssayWriting.education at the very beginning of your dissertation work, here is what will happen:

  1. Our customer service department will spend time discussing with you all of the details of your research question
  2. We will match your question with the perfect Ph.D. consultant who will agree to stay with you throughout the entire process, through every chapter.
  3. You will work directly and confidentially with your consultant, asking for help and advice whenever you need it.
  4. We will set up a payment plan with you, so that you can spread payments out all along the way, based upon the specific assistance that has been provided
  5. You will, in the end have a dissertation that is perfect, whether your committee members will say so or not!

The great thing about our assistance is that you will have one eminently qualified individual who will work tirelessly for you, you get to determine the amount of help you need, and you have someone who will be of great support to you as you go through this process.

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