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Dissertation/Thesis proposal

Dissertation/Thesis Proposal

If you are at the point of preparing your proposal for your thesis or dissertation, then you have completed a great deal of your master’s or doctoral program. You are probably anxious to get this last project begun. It begins with the proposal that must be approved by either your advisor or committee.

What the Proposal Entails

To get a proposal approved, it must include the following:

  1. A formal statement of the research question you intend to pursue
  2. A justification of the importance of the research to your field
  3. A brief summary of the initial research you have done to identify and refine your research question
  4. A summary of the proposed methods of study
  5. A statement of what you intend to show (your objectives)
  6. A timeline for completion of your research
  7. Anything else that may be required by your department

It is often difficult to get a proposal approved the first time. There are always questions and revisions that either your advisor or committee will want, and it is not unusual for a student to revise that proposal several times before finally achieving approval. It does not have to be this way, if you come to EssayWriting.education first and get a Ph.D. specialist to help you prepare that proposal.

When you place the order for your proposal, you will have assigned to you a Ph.D. in your discipline. You will be asked to provide all of the details of your research proposal. Your specialist will craft a proposal that will be perfectly written and include all of the required elements.

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