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Dissertation Chapter - Abstract

Dissertation Abstract

It’s final. It’s finished. Your dissertation is in final form and ready to go to your committee for the last time. You have just one more little piece to include – that abstract. So simple, right? Just a one-page summary of 18 months’ worth of work.

You believe that you can whip out that abstract in an evening. After all, you have read hundreds of abstracts in the course of your graduate studies, and you know exactly what must be included:

  1. You must provide a statement of your research question
  2. You must summarize the study, including your random samplings or experimental/control groups.
  3. You must include a brief summary of your findings and their significance
  4. You must present any constraints and recommendations for additional research

And you must do all of this in about 250 words – how does that even happen?

Writing Your Own Abstract is Hard!

You are so very close to all of the work you did, you now find it almost a “sin” to try to reduce it to one page. And so you struggle to do it. And you struggle some more. By the time your night is over, you have written numerous versions and none is acceptable to you.

Getting an Objective Writer

You need someone who is not emotionally tied to your dissertation and yet understands the content. So, here is how to proceed.

  1. Fill out an order form on our site for the abstract
  2. Upload your latest version of what you have written
  3. Wait for us to get your consultant and for your consultant to be available for some direct conversation about the piece – this is fast and easy!

Don’t let writing that abstract hold you up – we can get it done for you pronto!

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