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Dissertation Chapter - Discussion

Dissertation Chapter – Discussion

You are ready to wind things up now, with that critical discussion chapter. Here is what you must do:

  1. Present the findings that your statistical analysis gave
  2. Give the answer to your research question
  3. Provide the justification (once more!) for the research study you conducted
  4. Evaluate the significance of your findings to your discipline, list any constraints, and make recommendations for additional research that may either support your conclusions or build upon them.

Additional considerations as you prepare this chapter are as follows:

  1. Use the present tense in your prose
  2. Be certain that each conclusion you include refers back to some research that was included in your literature review
  3. Create an outline before you begin writing this chapter – it can become pretty convoluted if you don’t.

Your Committee Will Scrutinize this Chapter More than any Other

Everything in this chapter must be beautifully presented, in organized sections, point by point. It has to have perfect structure, exceptional prose composition, and cover all of the critical elements that are required of this chapter. If, when you go before you committee for you oral defense, any member finds fault with any part of this chapter, you will be facing a re-write for certain. The discussion chapter is reflective of important research in your field – research that other people will be reading – and the institution’s name is on that research as well.

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