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Cristina Simmons

Cristina simmons 1
Cristina Simmons

Greetings to everyone! My name is Cristina Simmons and I’m glad to share my short history of life with you. My childhood started in a Canadian village. I can’t say with confidence in my eyes that I enjoyed every day when I was a kid. There were almost no entertaining places to visit, the population of the village was rather small, and, therefore, I almost lacked communication with new people. I finished school and decided to move to the USA. I chose Texas, because I won a grant for education there. During my student’s life some well-known journalists did lecturing- their speeches inspired everyone! Their classes were a crucial point of my life. It was the beginning of my career. My first position was an editor in a local newspaper; however I paid a lot of attention to it. I’m a reliable and responsible person, that’s why my help in creating a perfect newspaper was extremely significant. After my successful graduation I helped my colleagues with newspaper, but since that moment I realized that being a writer is my main aim. I visit different educational meetings, as I believe that real professional should improve his skills every time. I still live in the USA and cannot imagine even a single day without a creating something special.

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A recent article in The Telegraph reported on some rather scathing criticism by Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) of sixth form teachers and of other problems in education that are not being resolved. Sir Michael was speaking before the Social Mobility Committee of the House of Lords, as he placed blame squarely on the shoulders of teachers, the government and businesses.

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Every state in this country has a system of measuring student mastery of basic skills. This system is the adoption of state-wide achievement tests which all students must take at various intervals during their academic careers. In some states, students may not pass onto the next grade unless they reach a specific level of proficiency.

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A great writer knows how to grab the reader's attention, and then keeps their attention with writing that flows naturally. For some, this seems to be a natural talent. For others, writing in a way that keeps readers engaged is a challenge, and it is something that they must work hard to achieve.

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Authors spend a lot of time alone with themselves, their ideas, and their words. They really don’t want others around during these times and usually have a space in their homes that are “closed” to friends and relatives during times of creative production. This banishment never seems to apply to pets, however, and lots of authors claim a spiritual bond with their pets that actually soothes them and allows their creativity to be fueled.

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