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If you are a student who is planning to work on an academic book review, you should take care to insure that you have several hours free to dedicate to this task.  You will have a lot to do! There’s reading the book and taking notes. There is also coming up with and writing down a list of criteria that you will use as you write your review. Remember that your notes will need to indicate which elements meet the criteria you have set and which ones do not. Don’t forget that you must also answer the question, why.

Of course, getting all of this done means that you will probably have to read the book more than once. Then, your task becomes taking the notes that you have written, organizing them, and then writing an outline. It is only after this is done that you will be ready to write your final book review. Keep in mind that you must back your opinions with well-written examples.

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If you are not “up to” this complex assignment, do not worry. We have writers at EssayWriting.education who are happy to complete your academic book review for you. We can use your review criteria or complete our own. All we need is the title of the book in question and any other guidelines that you have for us. You can then sit back and relax while a professional writer completes your assignment for you.

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