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Space Exploration Essay

July 30, 2015 - Posted to Study

Content space exploration essay

Writing the Space Exploration Essay or Research Paper

One would think that space exploration is not an extremely controversial topic, but it is. What’s not to like about exploring space – our “final frontier” as one popular TV series called it. There are many social, political, and economic aspects to space exploration, however, that have given rise to many controversies over both the American and Russian programs, and they have become space exploration essay topics in a variety of college courses. Here are some categories of essays and papers that might serve as topics.

Positive and Negative Aspects of Space Exploration

Persuasive and argumentative space exploration research paper topics might include the following:

  1. Disadvantages of space exploration essays might include such things as cost, space pollution (and there’s a lot of that), and, of course, the dangers involved to individuals who are sent into space for exploration activities. (Challenger disaster in the 90’s).
  2. On the other hand, an advantages of space exploration essay might point to the technology innovations that have now become an integral part of our lives, such as MRI’s and GPS systems.
  3. A space exploration argumentative essay or paper must, of course, present both sides of the controversy on space exploration, and one’s opinion must be re-enforced with substantive data and facts.

An Expository Essay on Space Exploration

Taking the controversy out of the topic, there are a large number of great topics that simply present objective information. Such topics might include:

  1. A history of space exploration that began in the 60’s with the launch of satellites and has culminated in probes on Mars and pictures of Pluto.
  2. An objective essay about space exploration might focus on the topic of the training that must occur for certification as an astronaut – it is complex and really fascinating!
  3. Another essay topic might focus on the insertion of private industry into space travel. Virgin Galactic, for example, is now in the process of designing space ships that will take paying customers on space excursions – the ticket cost is a mere $200,000!

Fun Essays on the Benefits of Space Exploration Essay

On a lighter side, space exploration has provided society with some interesting and wonderfully usable products:

  1. Tang and other powdered drinks
  2. Tupperware
  3. Hand-held vacuum cleaners
  4. Teflon
  5. Technology for solar panels
  6. Better coatings on sunglasses to block UV rays
  7. Freeze-dried meals (one could see this as an advantage or not)
  8. Satellite television
  9. A new alloy for use on teeth braces
  10. Artificial limbs that operate robotically

Space exploration is certainly here to stay, whether we engage in manned or un-manned activities. And the competition is likely to grow with China beginning to consider its own programs. The frontier of space within our own solar system and beyond will continue to intrigue scientists and adventurers alike, whether we support such exploration or not.

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