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Content 21

The five paragraph essay is the simplest essay format, designed specifically for students developing writing skills. In addition to this, the writers of standardized tests frequently include questions that must be answered using the five paragraph essay format. This is to measure the test taker’s writing abilities.

Space Exploration Essay

July 30, 2015- Posted to Study

Content space exploration essay

One would think that space exploration is not an extremely controversial topic, but it is. What’s not to like about exploring space – our “final frontier” as one popular TV series called it. There are many social, political, and economic aspects to space exploration.

Content international

If you are a business student, then you will have at least one course at the undergraduate level that covers international business, and, at the graduate school level, perhaps several. Globalization has meant that this part of college business curricula has really expanded in the past several years. You will no doubt, then, encounter international business essays that will address currency, banking, trade, global corporate partnerships, etc.

Content 20

If you are currently enrolled in a political science, a modern world history, or an international relations course, you will eventually address the civil war in Syria. And, to be certain, this is a hugely complex topic with many factors that play into the horrific conflict that has now lasted for three years

The Interview Essay

July 22, 2015- Posted to Study

Content international  1

Students often think that interview essays might actually be assigned in a journalism class and that the essay will actually be in the form of a news article. Actually, there are many opportunities for an interview essay to be assigned, in many diverse courses, and it is highly likely that you will receive such a task at some point in your academic career.

Content writing

An essay on abortion, gun control, or immigration will always find its way into an instructor’s inbox when persuasive or argumentative essays are due. And sometimes an abortion persuasive essay will be assigned to an entire class (typically in sociology, psychology, religion, philosophy or political science courses). If you will be writing such an essay, you will need to define your purpose and relate your theme to the course for which you will be writing it.

Content 9 tips

Stunning cover letters send a reader to your resume; “ho-hum” letters send you reader on to the next applicant. And do not expect the reader to go beyond the first sentence if s/he is not intrigued and/or curious to know a bit more about you. The traditional cover letter that has been around for more than the past 50 years, and the common templates you find all over the Internet will not do you well anymore, because they will be like everyone else’s.

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