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A recent article in The Telegraph reported on some rather scathing criticism by Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) of sixth form teachers and of other problems in education that are not being resolved. Sir Michael was speaking before the Social Mobility Committee of the House of Lords, as he placed blame squarely on the shoulders of teachers, the government and businesses.

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Every state in this country has a system of measuring student mastery of basic skills. This system is the adoption of state-wide achievement tests which all students must take at various intervals during their academic careers. In some states, students may not pass onto the next grade unless they reach a specific level of proficiency.

Content how to write something that can engage your readers

A great writer knows how to grab the reader's attention, and then keeps their attention with writing that flows naturally. For some, this seems to be a natural talent. For others, writing in a way that keeps readers engaged is a challenge, and it is something that they must work hard to achieve.

Content your personal guide to budgeting

There comes a time when it has to be done. Maybe you are running out of money before the end of the month; maybe you’ve missed a payment or two; maybe you just can’t figure out where your money is going and you want to know. Yes, it’s time to put the big boy or the big girl pants on and set up a budget. It’s really not such a “dark” place and it won’t be that painful.

Content math bedtime stories bolster children s math achievement  1

Most parents have math anxiety. They are just a reflection of society as a whole. Simply compare the percentages of college students who major in math fields versus those in any other field, except perhaps physics (which is math-related), and it’s obvious. Only a small minority of adults enter math fields and are really good at it. The rest of us struggle to figure interest, do our taxes, and to help our children with their math homework.

Content how to make an outline for an essay

Students learn how to outline early in their school careers – certainly by middle school. And they construct outlines for the essays and papers they write. These outlines can be founs in the body of the article.

Content how to write a good essay   it s all about the process

Every essay has a topic and a purpose. That purpose will determine the type of essay you will write, but whatever the type may be, the same step-by-step process should be used.

Content narrative essay topics

Usually the story is about yourself, but sometimes about others, fictional or real. There will be two types of narrative essays you will find yourself writing.

Content 7 steps to start planning your startup today

If you have an idea for a new business, there is no need to wait to begin planning. You don't need to wait until you finish your degree. You don't need to wait until you have saved a certain amount of money. You most certainly do not have to wait until you have reached a certain age or stage of life. The time to start planning your startup and taking actions towards making your vision a reality is today.

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Every short story or novel you have ever read is a narrative; every play, movie or TV sit-com you have ever watched is a narrative. They have plots, characters, and a setting. Most of the time they also have one or more themes or points to make. So, if you are tasked with writing a narrative essay, the tale you tell will depend upon the purpose for your essay. And here is a short guide for how to write a narrative essay, no matter what the purpose.

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