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International Business Essay

July 28, 2015 - Posted to How to: Essay writing tips

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The International Business Essay

If you are a business student, then you will have at least one course at the undergraduate level that covers international business, and, at the graduate school level, perhaps several. Globalization has meant that this part of college business curricula has really expanded in the past several years. You will no doubt, then, encounter international business essays that will address currency, banking, trade, global corporate partnerships, etc.

If you are looking for international business essay topics, there are several excellent resources:

  1. Your textbook and lecture notes should provide a number of topics
  2. A Google search for topics is also a great resource, and you will also be able to read samples of international business research papers, which may give you some great ideas.

If these two sources do not reveal anything that you find interesting, here are some potential international business paper topics that are both timely and on which there is plenty of resource material:

  1. What impact has the recent freezing of assets of wealthy Russian businessmen in the U.S. and Western Europe had on Russia?
  2. How will the crisis in Greece impact the U.S. economy?
  3. What role should global corporations play in water, energy and food security in countries in which they do business?
  4. What has been the long-term impact of NAFTA on the employment in the U.S.?
  5. What are the terms of the recent trade agreement between the U.S. and Asian countries? Is it likely that those countries will abide by the terms related to labor practices and pollution?
  6. Describe the Chinese business negotiations style, as it relates to American corporations who wish to “set up shop” in their country.
  7. What cyber-security challenges exist now that companies are establishing bases in foreign countries and using the Internet functions of those countries?

There are other international business topics for research paper writing that relate to the practices of sensitivity to the cultures of countries within which companies “settle.”

  1. What are steps can international companies can take to ensure that they do not offend local cultures?
  2. Should companies in foreign countries be forced to conform to local law that is clearly religious in nature?
  3. How can companies in foreign countries establish socially conscious policies and activities?

International banking and investments is another entire area for research, especially now that an economic crisis in a single country can impact the entire world. There is an entire body of international business law now being developed by a number of organizations that will attempt to address some very critical issues. For example, if an individual in one country is invested heavily in another in which the central banks fail, what recourse does that individual investor have? There are many similar issues which have yet to be addressed.

International business is a fascinating area of study. It is also highly complex. If you are struggling with topic identification, research or writing you essay or paper, EssayWriting.education has graduate-degreed business experts on staff to assist.

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