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An essay on abortion, gun control, or immigration will always find its way into an instructor’s inbox when persuasive or argumentative essays are due. And sometimes an abortion persuasive essay will be assigned to an entire class (typically in sociology, psychology, religion, philosophy or political science courses). If you will be writing such an essay, you will need to define your purpose and relate your theme to the course for which you will be writing it.

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Stunning cover letters send a reader to your resume; “ho-hum” letters send you reader on to the next applicant. And do not expect the reader to go beyond the first sentence if s/he is not intrigued and/or curious to know a bit more about you. The traditional cover letter that has been around for more than the past 50 years, and the common templates you find all over the Internet will not do you well anymore, because they will be like everyone else’s.

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