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Abortion Essay

July 20, 2015 - Posted to How to: Essay writing tips

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Writing the Abortion Essay

An essay on abortion, gun control, or immigration will always find its way into an instructor’s inbox when persuasive or argumentative essays are due. And sometimes an abortion persuasive essay will be assigned to an entire class (typically in sociology, psychology, religion, philosophy or political science courses). If you will be writing such an essay, you will need to define your purpose and relate your theme to the course for which you will be writing it. Here are some tips for writing an abortion research paper or essay that will result in an piece of writing you will happy to submit.

Persuasive Abortion Essays

This type of essay will require that you take a specific position, and present the arguments that support your position. Remember, it is not enough to simply write an against abortion essay that provides opinions without supportive evidence. Certainly, you may speak to your religious or moral objections to abortion, but where did these come from and how does your religious teaching lead you to these conclusions?

The same holds for the pro-abortion essay. You may state personal reasons but you must speak to some logical or moral guideline that has brought you to this opinion.

Factual data should be included whenever possible. There are research studies that speak to both positive and negative effects of abortion, and they should be used as supportive documentation.

The Abortion Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay requires that you take a position on the issues, but, within your essay, you must present you side and support it, but, as well, present the other side and attempt to refute it. The abortion argument essay, or any argument essay for that matter, is a bit more difficult to structure, but if you construct at least a simple outline, you can make it flow logically. For example, against abortion essays will most assuredly speak to religious justifications, perhaps pulling passages from the Bible that the author believes support his/her position. It will then be necessary to pull those passages the pro-abortion advocates use to support their positions, and attempt to refute their interpretations.

The Expository Abortion Essay

While it is difficult to imagine, there are abortion term paper and essay assignments that will not require the author to take a side, but rather to present both sides objectively or to look upon abortion as a legal or constitutional matter. Here are some examples:

  1. An essay or paper on abortion and the law, might trace the history of the issue and the ultimate 1972 Rowe V. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide. It might then go on to discuss the steps that some states have taken to thwart that decision by restricting access to abortion and the court cases that have followed regarding those steps.
  2. Another fascinating topic for an expository essay would relate to abortion and crime. Many sociologists have researched the theory that the reduction in the violent crime rate nationally that began around 1990 and has continued, is the result of the legalization of abortion. They hypothesize that access to abortion for poverty-stricken women has reduced the numbers of children raised in poverty and more prone to criminal behavior.
  3. Abortion ethics might be the topic of an essay or paper in a philosophy class, perhaps discussing the controversies surrounding when a fertilized egg gains human status and abortion then becomes a form of murder. Still another topic might relate to the rights of governments to control the reproductive activity of individuals in a free society.

If you are having difficulty with your writing on this topic, you can always conduct a Google search and you will find many samples of essays on abortion that will give you help with ideas and structures. As well, you certainly can request help from the great writers at EssayWriting.education!

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