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Article Critique

Professional Article Critique Writing Services

Have you ever spent several hours reading through an article because you thought it would be relevant to work that you were doing, only to find out that it wasn’t relevant at all? Wouldn’t it have been nice if you had access to a critique of that article before you went to all that trouble? After all, knowing ahead of time whether or not the article was going to be useful would have saved you a lot of time and effort.

This is why people write article critiques, they help others to determine whether or not an article will be helpful to them. They also help the author understand what others found to be helpful, who is likely to use their article as a reference source, and whether or not they achieved their goal of effectively communicating useful information to their readers.

The Article Critique Process

The first step is to set some reasonable and measurable criteria for the critique. This is what sets an objective standard by which the article will be evaluated. Most critiques address research, relevance, accuracy, quality of writing, and the validity of the author’s sources. By defining these standards, the writer of the critique can help identify who will and who will not benefit from using the article in their research.

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