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Annotated Bibliography

Writing a Successful Annotated Bibliography

By the time you entered college, chances are you have completed dozens of bibliographies. Because of this, you already know most of the information that should be included in an annotated bibliography. The title of the source, the author, page numbers, dates, are all information that, as you know, are included in a standard bibliography. All of this same information must be included in an annotated bibliography, there is just one more element to be added. This is a summary of each source that you used in your paper. Your summary will explain to readers how you used the source, what was useful about the source, any problems you encountered, and who would find the source useful for their own research. If others reference your paper in the future, they will appreciate having this information so that they avoid reference material that is not helpful to them.

Difficulties Faced when Writing an Annotated Bibliography

You’ve just finished a difficult research paper. Now you are expected to wade through all of the sources you used to write out summaries for every one of them. What a horribly difficult and tedious thing to have to do. How will you even recall the information you need to include in your annotations?

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